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Domestic Partnerships And Same-Sex Marriage

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Same-sex couples, whether previously registered as domestic partners in Washington State or not, now have the ability to get married under state law. For those who are already registered and under the age of 62, their partnerships will be converted to marriages on June 30, 2014. Those seeking to dissolve their partnership are exempt from this “grandfather” provision.

At Clement Law Center, we focus primarily on family law matters, including divorce, child custody and related concerns for all couples in Washington State. For advice on domestic partnerships and same-sex marriage, contact our Federal Way lawyers to arrange a initial consultation. As a skilled and experienced family law attorney, Bruce Clement can guide you through your unique challenges and legal concerns.

We Are Committed To Guiding Same-Sex Families Through Tough Family Matters

Clement Law Center proudly represents same-sex couples in decisions related to marriage and family law, including:

The hard-fought right to marry brings with it many potential questions for same-sex couples who have already been sharing their lives together, whether for a short time or for several years. Additionally, the current refusal of many state laws and federal law to recognize the legality of same-sex marriage causes the potential for denial of associated benefits such as the right to make medical decisions and inherit property. For some couples, it may be important to retain additional legal protection to guard against such difficulties.

Regardless of the length of your relationship or the nature of your concerns, our experienced Federal Way divorce and family law attorneys are here to offer guidance and support.

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