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Using alternative dispute resolution methods for your divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2024 | Divorce |

The end of a marriage is an emotional and often complex time for a family. It will bring changes for everyone, including yourself and your kids, and you will want to minimize complications and problems as much as possible. One way that you can do this is by resolving your divorce amicably and simply, perhaps avoiding court altogether. You may be able to avoid the public nature of a court proceeding and resolve all your remaining issues outside the courtroom.

Alternative dispute resolution methods provide you the opportunity to resolve your remaining divorce issues out of court. These options could allow you and the other party to work together to keep your divorce private and maintain more control over the terms of your final order. Before you make any important decisions that impact your future, you may benefit from considering ADR, including mediation or collaboration.

Mediation or collaboration — which is better?

The right approach for your Washington divorce depends on the details of your individual situation. What could work for you may not work well for another family, and it is important to make choices that will provide you the best chance for a peaceful and strong post-divorce future. In mediation, the two parties will work together with a neutral third-party mediator to resolve divorce disputes and reach an agreement on the terms of the final order. Mediation requires cooperation and a shared desire to make the process work.

In a collaborative divorce, you and the other party will collaborate with relevant professionals, such as financial advisors, child psychologists and others in order to reach a beneficial conclusion for your divorce concerns. Like mediation, both spouses will need to commit to the collaborative process and be willing to listen to the thoughts and opinions of others in order to make it work.

Your future is at stake

There is a lot on the line for you during your divorce. If you are unsure if mediation or collaboration could work for you, you will benefit from seeking the insight and counsel of an experienced professional who can assist you with the entire process. He or she can also help you understand all of the divorce choices that you have so that you can be intentional with your final order and the future you secure for yourself and your children.