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July 2013 Archives

Things to consider during a military divorce

Ask any service member in Washington about their marriage and they will more than likely tell you that it’s a constant balancing act. Juggling family, friends, and a sense of duty to your country can be full-time jobs of their own. Throw in numerous deployments and long workdays and many will tell you that you have a recipe for disaster.

Didn't sign a prenup? Try a postnup instead

No, you didn't read the title of this post incorrectly. We did indeed say the word postnup; but as many of our readers may be wondering: what is a postnuptial agreement and what could it mean for same-sex couples in the state?

Why hiring a hit man to get out of a divorce is a bad idea

As many of our readers here in Washington would agree, there are few worst things to go through in your life than a divorce.  But while this may be the general sentiment for the majority of people, a story out of Michigan this month demonstrates that there are some things that may be far worse, such as discovering that your wife would rather kill you than get a divorce.

DOMA decision creating both opportunity and complications

This legislative session of the U.S. Supreme Court might be defined as being one of the most influential because of the landmark decisions it had to make in recent months. Perhaps no two were more important than the rulings regarding same-sex marriage and whether these couples should have the same rights as heterosexual couples in the eyes of the federal government.