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August 2013 Archives

Is divorce mediation the right option?

Every family is different. Because no two families bring the same needs or experiences to the table, it also makes sense that no two divorce filings are identical, which is why couples may wish to determine the best way to settle their divorce. Making the decision to split up can be difficult, so an attorney may be able to provide insight about the best way to proceed.

How divorce can affect same-sex marriage and retirement benefits

The Social Security Administration recently announced that it had begun processing some of the first claims for retirement benefits in the United States for same-sex couples. This was likely good news for many same-sex couples here in Washington because they can now apply for government benefits as a couple rather than separately. But along with this change comes a significant problem worth noting to our readers.

Along with same-sex marriage comes same-sex divorce

Although gay couples here in Washington have enjoyed the right to same-sex marriage since December 2012, many other states are just getting their feet wet. Minnesota is one example, which only recently approved same-sex marriage and allowed the first same-sex marriages to be performed at the beginning of August.

Man hires wife an attorney for divorce, things go south quickly

One aspect of divorce that many Seattle residents may not be aware of is the process by which the splitting spouses obtain their attorneys, and the dirty tactics that can be used during this process. When a married couple decides to get a divorce, the spouses take to the phones and the internet to find an attorney. Some of their meetings and calls may not go well; but eventually they find the right lawyer to represent and advise them during their divorce proceedings.