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September 2013 Archives

When to withdraw half of the joint bank account

Washington women who are a secondary breadwinner or not employed during their marriage may have trouble getting the funds they need to pay their monthly expenses during divorce proceedings. Though they may be entitled to at least half of the cash held in joint accounts, they have to be aware of the rules regarding community property.

Couple's children face 3,000-mile separation

Same-sex marriage is legally recognized in Washington, and divorce situations will inevitably arise that include child custody issues. An interesting same-sex separation drama is being played out in California and Connecticut. David Tutera, the star of WeTV's "My Fair Wedding," has separated from his partner of 10 years. Tutera and his partner celebrated a Vermont commitment ceremony in September 2003 and separated in January 2013.

Complications arise with same-sex marriages and divorce

On Aug. 29, the Internal Revenue Service said they would recognize all legal same-sex marriages for federal taxes. The announcement came just days after the U.S. military confirmed they would provide benefits to same-sex couples, and the State Department's provision to honor the union as they relate to immigration. Couples who live in states that don't recognize same-sex marriage might opt to wed in a state that does, such as Washington, in order to take advantage of these benefits. However, complications can arise should the couple later decide to seek a divorce.