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October 2013 Archives

Unconventional assets are sometimes overlooked during divorce

Divorcing couples in Washington and across the nation often feel overwhelmed by the prospect of having their most prized possessions divided in a high asset divorce. Although most individuals going through a divorce know that assets like real estate and jointly owned stocks will be divided in divorce court, they often forget about more unconventional assets such as rare collections or cemetery plots.

Secret spending can damage a marriage

Washington readers may be interested to know that purchases made behind a spouse's back may be doing harm to the stability of the relationship the couple shares. One out of ten respondents in a recent survey admitted that hiding credit card purchases from a spouse had a role in their subsequent divorce. This can be an especially tricky issue in a high asset divorce because there is so much money and property at stake.

Same-sex couples and divorce laws

In 2010, a Florida woman and her same-sex partner traveled to Massachusetts in order to get married and soon thereafter returned to Florida to live. When the pair decided to get divorced in 2012 they encountered problems because of Florida not recognizing the marriage. Because same-sex marriage is legal in Washington, couples that come to the state to get married and then return to their own states to live may run afoul of the same issues.

Divorce through negotiation

Divorce can be stressful on everyone involved. Couples going through a divorce in Washington and elsewhere know that the lives of their loved ones can be affected as well as their own. Children can often suffer the most. However, there may be steps they can take to minimize some of the financial strain and emotional stress that can result from lengthy and contentious litigation.