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February 2014 Archives

Washington plan for same-sex couples courts controversy

The state of Washington plans to automatically convert thousands of same-sex couples to married status at the end of June 2014 if their domestic partnership had not already been replaced by marriage or if their legal union had already ended. The state had 6,500 domestic partnerships listed in its registry and was expected to send out notices to those couples by mid-March to alert them to the possible change in their marital status.

Dodgers ex-owner seeks $2 million in legal fees from ex-wife

Washington sports fans may have heard that Frank McCourt, the former owner of the Dodgers, wants his ex-wife to be responsible for nearly $2 million in legal fees. He reportedly believes that she should pay for these fees after she attempted to contest their divorce settlement but was unsuccessful.

Judge dismisses civil RICO claims against Steven Cohen

Washington residents may have heard that one component of a lawsuit filed by Patricia Cohen against her husband Steven Cohen, founder of SAC Capital, was recently dismissed by a district court judge in New York. However, fraud charges brought by Ms. Cohen against her former husband were allowed to continue. Part of her original complaint dealt with civil RICO charges, which were eventually dismissed by the judge hearing the case. The fraud charges are tied to her belief that Mr. Cohen knowingly hid money that he received due to an apartment investment deal from her.