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May 2014 Archives

Silencing the critics: Your divorce experiences are your own

There's little doubt that divorce is far less stigmatized than it once was. In our grandparent's generation, for instance, many couples likely stayed together for a lifetime not necessarily because they were happy but because they could not live with the embarrassment and judgment that divorce often caused.

What role does gender bias play in child custody disputes?

If you are about to divorce and know that a child custody battle will be necessary, do you worry about whether your gender will be an asset or a liability? Many men fear that the latter will be true. It is commonly believed by both men and women that family courts are biased toward mothers in matters of child custody.

Military divorce rates declining slightly but remain very high

Americans who serve in the U.S. Military make substantial sacrifices for their country. In addition to risking death, many who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan have come home with permanent and life-changing injuries – both physical and psychological.

Can college expenses become your post-divorce responsibility?

Many parents consider it to be a privilege when they opt to pay for their children’s higher education costs. However, many parents believe that it is critically important that children work hard to pay for their own educational expenses. In general, parents have no duty to pay for their children’s college tuition. However, some parents opt to do so anyway, while others are surprised to discover that they are compelled to contribute to these expenses in the wake of their own divorce.