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Social and lifestyle clauses in prenups

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Divorce |

Couples in Washington State who are engaged or considering getting engaged should approach this major life milestone with excitement, anticipation and some practical planning. The engagement period should be about more than just planning a wedding but focus as much, if not more so, on planning a life together. A prenuptial agreement can actually facilitate that in some unique ways.

As explained by MarketWatch, some couples today are using prenups to go beyond the traditional clauses that identify the distribution or separation of assets in the event of a divorce. This is still a viable benefit of a marital contract but people are now finding that these agreements can outline some parameters for how each spouse may or may not behave while married regardless of whether or not the couple ever got divorced.

Preferences for how children are raised are among the types of provisions included in modern prenups. The choice to raise kids in within a certain religious belief system or to educate them in private schools are examples of these provisions.

When it comes to divorce protections, CNBC adds that social media clauses are more frequently added to prenuptial agreements in the past few years. These are clauses that outline what is and is not allowed to be posted on a social media channel during and after a couple gets divorced. There may even be financial penalties assessed on a partner who breaks the agreement, especially if actual damage or harm to a person’s reputation or business is able to be demonstrated.