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Losing interest in your partner and filing for divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2019 | Divorce |

Sometimes, people file for divorce due to unexpected and very challenging problems they face, such as an affair or very serious allegations that completely change their perspective of their spouse. However, people may also file for divorce for relatively mundane reasons that have been building over the years, such as a loss of interest in their partner. People may lose interest in their partner (and, ultimately, their marriage), for a number of different reasons and wonder if it is possible for them to end the marriage on this basis.

People who are determined to end their marriage for this reason should explore their options prior to moving forward. They should think about some of the different ways that their lives may change after splitting up with their spouse and prepare accordingly. In some marriages, the restoration of interest in the marriage can be achieved through counseling and communication, while other marriages are inevitably destined to fall apart.

If you have lost interest in your marital partner and no longer wish to stay in the marriage, there are a variety of factors you may need to review. If you have kids, it might be imperative to assess child custody and child support, and you may also want to carefully review the financial impact of splitting up with your spouse. It could be helpful to talk about these feelings with your spouse, or you may want to keep this to yourself until you are ready to move ahead with the end of your marriage.