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First right of refusal for child custody

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2019 | Child Custody & Visitation |

Divorce is rarely easy. If you share children with your former spouse, though, you must work diligently to ensure your kids have what they need to become successful adults. While parenting on your own terms may be an option, you likely must share parental duties with your ex-spouse. 

Parenting in a post-divorce family does not have to be difficult. With a bit of planning and some effective communication, you may boost your chances of raising good kids. If you want to maximize the time you spend with the young ones in your family, though, you may want to consider adding a first right of refusal provision to your child custody agreement. 

Have more time with the kids 

A first right of refusal clause requires your ex-spouse to offer you the opportunity to watch your children when he or she is unavailable. If you decline, your former partner may then ask a friend, family member, babysitter or another person to look after the children. If having more time with your kids is important to you, a first right of refusal agreement may be an effective strategy. 

Maintain amicable and beneficial communication 

As you may suspect, first right of refusal provisions can be challenging for co-parents who do not communicate well. That is, if you regularly argue with your ex-spouse, a first right of refusal clause may add more fuel to the fire. Of course, if you can maintain amicable communication, including such a provision in your custody agreement may help both you and your spouse meet work, family, recreational and other obligations. 

Every custody agreement is different. While most have certain provisions that address common subjects, there is nothing wrong with being creative. If you want to see your children as much as possible, including a first right of refusal provision in your child custody agreement may be a good idea.