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Technology helps kids connect with parents after relocation

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2019 | Child Custody & Visitation, Relocation |

If you are a custodial parent about to move to another city, you will need the court’s approval to modify your child custody agreement.

Because the move includes relocating your twin daughters, the court will ask how you and the other parent address changes in the current visitation schedule. Technology is part of the answer.

The court has guidelines

Although a judge is not always amenable to modifying a child custody agreement that seems to work for everyone, the court also understands that changes occur in life. Some petitions for modification are acceptable, and the need for relocation is among them. As long as there is a valid reason, such as a job change or the need to be closer to aging family members, the court will consider your modification petition. However, first and foremost, the court will base its decision on the best interests of your children, meaning how relocation affects the day-to-day lives of your daughters.

Washington law

As the custodial parent, you must first issue a Notice of Intended Relocation to the other parent, advising of your plans. The non-custodial parent then has 30 days to respond. If the non-custodial parent objects to your proposed move, and if you cannot reach an agreement outside of court concerning the revision of your parenting plan, a trial is the next step.

Staying in touch

The new parenting plan will likely revolve around a visitation schedule reworked so that the other parent is satisfied with the time allotted and the terms involving travel between cities. Actual visitation arrangements may include more time for the other parent to spend with the twins on holidays, school breaks and summer vacation. Technology comes into play to maintain the day-to-day relationship between the twins and the other parent. They can use phone calls, email, a program like Skype and even social media to stay connected.

Seeking help

When you are ready to put together a petition for child custody modification, explore your legal options. When dealing with the court on such an important matter, legal guidance is invaluable. You must assure the court that you understand the need for ongoing contact between the twins and the other parent, and you can cite the use of communication technology as one option.