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Keep the family calendar and make getting a divorce much easier.

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2020 | Divorce |

For those in the state of Washington who will be getting a divorce this year, there is one important item that certainly should not be thrown out. The family calendar could come in very handy when trying to decide child custody and support issues, and it is a great predictor of what the custodial parent might need in order to maintain the current lifestyle the children are accustomed to.

First of all, the family calendar will typically list all the parties, school events and vacations the children participated in the previous year. These events can add up to an expensive bill over a year’s time. As children get older, it is reasonable to assume these expenses will only increase as they get involved in more and more activities. The calendar provides a clear picture of what will be needed financially to keep the children active in all their social activities.

The calendar can also help parents remember events such as medical appointments and other professional consultations. Those medical expenses in the previous year’s calendar should be considered in the child custody and support decision as those medical expenses could likely continue.

For those parents who have already separated or divorced, the previous year’s calendar will usually list how much time the children spent with each parent that year. This is important because one of the biggest factors in determining the amount of support is the amount of time the children spend with each parent. If one parent wants to amend the child support amount paid to the other parent, the calendar will help to prove who had more care and custody of the children in the previous year.

Dealing with divorce, visitation and child custody issues can be overwhelming to say the very least. The guidance and support of an experienced child custody attorney could help to ensure that parental rights are protected and the correct child support amount is awarded.