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Why women seek divorce more than men

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2020 | Divorce |

Washington husbands might be less likely to file for divorce than their wives. The American Sociological Association reported in a 2015 study that women initiated divorce nearly 70% of the time. The reasons for this may include a lack of emotional and career support and too little help with child care and housework.

Many men are reluctant to share their feelings with others and may rely on their wives for emotional support. This can make them more likely to remain in a marriage. In contrast, women are more likely to talk to their friends and have several sources of support. Furthermore, a 2019 study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that almost 50% of women report doing daily housework compared to 20% of men, and this is often the case even when both spouses work outside the home.

In the past, women may have remained in marriages in which men were abusive or unfaithful for financial reasons. Since women tend to be more financially self-sufficient today, they are also more likely to seek a divorce in these circumstances. However, a woman’s likelihood of initiating divorce is not limited to marriages to men. A 2017 study of same-sex divorces in the United Kingdom found that more than three-fourths of them were between women.

During the divorce process, the couple must decide how to divide property and reach an agreement on child custody if there are children. In a community property state like Washington, assets are supposed to be divided equally, but it may be possible for the couple to come to a more flexible agreement out of court. Alternative dispute resolutions methods, such as mediation, may help couples who are in conflict reach an agreement that is mutually satisfying. This can also be less stressful than the adversarial approach of litigation.