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Hayley Williams says divorce affected her physical health

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Divorce |

When a stressful situation arises in a person’s life, he or she may experience a negative reaction to it, depending on the circumstances. For instance, many Washington spouses may be having serious marriage problems at this time, perhaps, prompting thoughts of divorce. While it is not uncommon for divorce to occur, if a person is unsure how to cope or does not know where to seek support as needed, he or she may experience adverse emotional or physical health effects.

Rocker Hayley Williams says this is exactly what happened to her. She had apparently stayed in an unhappy marriage for a long time and was already emotionally distraught by the time she and her spouse divorced. Williams says the whole situation took a serious toll on her health.

By the time Williams and her ex finalized their divorce, she was down to a mere 91 pounds. The Paramore band member says her severe weight loss was a physical manifestation of her emotional trauma. This is one of many reasons it pays to know what type of support resources are available before heading to court.

Some Washington spouses may find it especially helpful to seek licensed counseling to help cope with the life changes divorce is likely to bring about. For others, seeking legal counsel is a top priority, particularly if a spouse is refusing to compromise or co-operate to achieve a fair settlement. It is a fact that divorce is often stressful, but it is easier to avoid ill health effects by taking advantage of the assistance an experienced family law attorney has to offer.