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Difficult as it is, divorce may be what’s best

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2020 | Divorce |

Marriage is rarely sunshine and rainbows all of the time. There are always ups and downs, and it takes constant work on part of both spouses to make a marriage successful.

Unfortunately, there are many spouses in Washington and elsewhere who go through marriage feeling like they do not have a true partner. They are left carrying the heavier load and it may take a toll over time. In these cases, divorce may be what is best for their own mental health.

Not every marriage leads to lasting happiness

Recently, a woman shared her story of how she felt she was always doing the heavy lifting in her marriage. She worked just as hard as her spouse. She picked up and moved when her spouse got his dream job. She supported him through everything, hoping he would someday return the favor. Unfortunately, that day never came.

After another day of working late, being up early, taking care of kids, staring down the mess that had been building in her house for weeks, she had had enough. She was tired of asking her spouse for help at home. The next day she asked her husband for a divorce.

Her ex was forced to take on more responsibility, especially with their kids, since their settlement included a joint custody order. Now, with the divorce process behind her, she says she has found balance in her life and feels truly like an equal.

Is divorce right for you?

Sometimes it takes getting a divorce to finally receive help from the person who should have been supportive all along. Unfortunately, some couples just never find the balance they need to make their marriages work. When a marriage brings nothing but anger and frustration, divorce is certainly something to consider.

If you are thinking about divorce but are unsure about the process, schedule a consultation with professional and experienced legal counsel to learn more.