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May 2013 Archives

How to get the guarantee of a prenuptial without even signing one

Married couples are constantly bombarded by the grim statistics of marriage just about everyday.  With half of married couples expected to divorce within the first eight years of saying 'I do,' it's hard to ignore the fact that you may have to go through the dreaded divorce process at some point in your life.

Air Force mother explains stresses of deployment on a family

Some families in Washington this month were particularly happy to celebrate Mother's Day this past weekend; especially if it offered even a small distraction from a divorce or separation.  For military families it may have been bittersweet though, especially in cases where one parent is deployed.  It's a stress some mother's say is difficult to go through but not impossible to bear.

Jenifer Lopez's new movie touches base on her divorce

There is no doubting that Jennifer Lopez has had some fairly rocky relationships over the years. But when she tied the knot with fellow singer Marc Anthony, many Washington residents thought that her stormy sailing was finally over. For six years things appeared to be fine, they even had two children together. But in 2012 that all changed when husband Marc Anthony filed for divorce, claiming irreconcilable differences.