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June 2014 Archives

Bitcoin's reputation as way to hide wealth in high-asset divorce

Although the virtual currency known as Bitcoin has not been around for very long, it has already earned a rather infamous reputation. Bitcoin does not exist as a physically tangible form of money, nor is it regulated by a governmental agency. As such, it is not uniformly recognized as a system of currency.

Domestic abuse has gone digital - but it's still abuse

One of the more uncomfortable issues for most people to discuss is domestic violence. But keeping silent on the issue does not solve the problem, and often makes it worse. Victims of domestic violence may have a very difficult time getting away from their abuser and finding the courage to seek divorce.

Internet activity, social media are critical evidence in divorce

A new study has found a tentative connection between divorce and Facebook use. According to the study, which looked at Facebook users in 43 states from 2008 to 2010, when a state has an increase of 20 percent in Facebook users, that state could exhibit an increase in its divorce rate of 2.18 percent. Researchers stressed that this is far from fact, but that Facebook users and the divorce rate seem to have some sort of correlation with each other.