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Protecting children during a divorce

Many parents are already aware that a divorce can have a detrimental influence on their children, affecting them mentally and emotionally. Parents in Washington can be extra vigilant and avoid doing certain things that make the divorce process even harder for their children to bear and make it difficult for them to continue with their lives.

Parents should avoid doing or saying things that could force their children to take sides between their parents as doing so places them in an impossible position. Children can become conflicted and even bear guilt for not being able to side with one of their parents.

Children should not be used as a method of communication between ex-spouses who would prefer not to speak directly to one another. It is unfair to saddle one's children with the responsibility for relaying messages between the two parties. Both parents should consider other forms of communication, such as email, if their relationship is so acrimonious that speaking directly to one another is unproductive.

Children are not to be treated as a support system or confidante by their separated parents. They do not have the emotional and mental maturity to handle such a role. Parents who feel the need to confide in someone about their situation should speak with their adult friends or family members or consult a licensed therapist.

Parents who are seeking a divorce and are concerned about divorce legal issues pertaining to their children may wish to speak with a family law attorney. Their attorney may engage in litigation to protect their rights of clients regarding child support, spousal support, asset division, parental relocations, child custody and many other issues. The attorney might also assist with obtaining post-divorce modifications or ensuring that the terms of a prenuptial agreement are honored during a divorce.

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