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November 2018 Archives

Relocation may be a sticking point in divorce

Child custody agreements may be difficult to work out for Washington couples going through a divorce, but these issues are often compounded when one or both parents plan to relocate. Divorce often means starting a new life, and this may mean moving in order to take advantage of new opportunities. When children are involved in the relocation process, there may be additional challenges to face that pertain to visitation, physical custody, orders for child support payments and reimbursement for travel costs.

Ending your marriage due to drug addiction

We have written extensively about various divorce topics on our blog, but it is important to approach each and every divorce from an individualized point of view. If you are bringing your marriage to an end, there may be numerous details surrounding your divorce that will necessitate taking a different approach. There are also a vast array of reasons why people split up with their spouse, such as ending a marriage because of a partner's drug addiction. Our law office understands how this can be an especially complicated and emotional experience for some people in Federal Way and across Washington.

Finding the courage to relocate with your child

Parental relocation can certainly be challenging and we have written blog entries about various legal matters that may arise from relocation. Often times, parental relocation comes with the benefits of new work opportunities and a fresh start. However, it is also important to note that some people struggle with parental relocation, and we are not just speaking about non-custodial parents who stay behind. For some parents, moving to a new state or even a new city with their child can be incredibly difficult after their divorce, even though such a move may be in their best interests.

Parents often struggle over child custody issues

When parents in Washington decide to divorce, child custody can be one of the most emotionally painful and logistically difficult issues. Both mothers and fathers often lament that they receive unfair treatment in family court on child custody issues. That's why the process often leads to a great deal of bitterness. This can be especially troubling when both parents will need to work together for years in the future for parenting issues related to the children.

What's the best way to protect a business during divorce?

If you're getting a divorce and you also own a business, you're probably concerned about how assets will be distributed. Fortunately, there are certain steps Washington business owners can take to ensure their enterprise is safeguarded, both before and during a marriage. Inc. explains a few of these options and how they can benefit you.  

Divorce cost may be set to change

Divorcing spouses in Washington State who have been working hard to come to a final settlement when ending their marriage may well have a new reason to try and push for a quick resolution. As explained by Bloomberg, the New Year will bring with it a major change to divorce taxes when it comes to alimony payments and this change may well increase the cost of divorces, especially for couples with high incomes.

What happens to military pension after divorce?

As a Washington resident involved in a divorce from a military service member, you may have questions about what will happen to your military spouse’s pension and whether you will have any access to it once your divorce finalizes. Military pension often falls among the more substantial assets today’s military couples must divide during a divorce, and while every state in the nation considers military pension as shared property, the guidelines surrounding how to split it are less clear.

Moving in before marriage could elevate divorce rate

Many Americans think that living together before tying the knot is helpful for a relationship. However, one study says that Washington couples who move in together before getting married may actually be more likely to divorce. According to the study, partners who share a home before marriage are more inclined to face difficult issues down the road during marriage. The issue had been noticed in prior studies as well, but some speculated that it would eventually even out as premarital cohabitation became more socially acceptable.

Best way to deal with custody and the holidays

For many people in Washington, the holidays present the opportunity to celebrate and spend more time with family and friends. For newly-divorced parents, however, this time of the year can be extremely hard. It typically means spending less time with their children than normal and, if the parents cannot agree on how to divide time, it can also be stressful and infuriating.