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February 2020 Archives

Has technology destroyed your marriage?

Technology is often a constant companion, perhaps even more than one's spouse is. It is not unusual for someone to sit for eight to 10 hours in front of a computer at work only to come home and spend the rest of the evening scrolling through social media or browsing on the internet. If this sounds like your marriage, you may not be surprised if the communication between you and your spouse has broken down.

Child custody: Jon Gosselin and ex still fighting

When Washington married couples who are parents decide to divorce, they must resolve numerous issues pertaining to their children. The court's ultimate goal is always to make child custody decisions that protect the children's best interests. Problems may arise, however, if the parents in question disagree about what's best for their kids. This has been an ongoing problem between former reality TV star Jon Gosselin and his ex wife, Kate.

Will your business count as marital property?

While having a successful business is something that most entrepreneurs strive for, it is immensely difficult to reach a profitable stage and to have a business that sustains long-term success. You understand how difficult it was to reach this point with your company, and you do not want anything to jeopardize the business. Unfortunately, you have a pending divorce and wonder what will happen to your business assets.

Women file for divorce more often than men

Young women in Washington and beyond might have a hard time believing that a century ago, women in the United States were just then acquiring voting privileges. Since then, much has changed in this state and across the country. There are more women in the workforce now than ever before. However, data shows that even in dual-income households, women do most of the housework, which may or may not be a pertinent issue as to why more women file for divorce than men.

Divorce can be complicated -- be well-informed

Most Washington spouses would agree that marriage can be difficult. There is no way to predict with 100% certainty which marriages will last a lifetime and which will end in divorce. There is also no way to know whether one will be able to navigate proceedings without any legal obstacles interfering. A comprehensive and amicable settlement is more likely when a spouse is aware of his or her rights ahead of time and also knows where to seek support to help protect financial interests.

Divorce can be complex, especially later in life

There is no way to predict which Washington marriages will last a lifetime and which will not. Any number of issues may arise that a particular couple determines are irreparable. In such cases, a spouse might file for divorce, and the later in life that this occurs, the more complex proceedings might be.