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October 2019 Archives

Understanding the reasons behind strategic divorce

Washington couples may be interested in learning why some spouses are willing to get a divorce to save money. This has been referred to as a strategic divorce. More individuals in a higher tax bracket may consider this option in light of the 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This piece of legislation means that a couple who is in the top 37% tax bracket has a higher liability if they file as a couple.

There's something you should know about Washington divorce laws

Many married couples in Washington encounter relationship problems. Some seek counseling, confide in a friend or family member or tap into other resources to help them restore happiness in their marriages. Others file for divorce. This state operates under community property laws, which is definitely something anyone considering filing for divorce will want to learn more about before heading to court. 

How is divorce in Washington different from other states?

Every marriage is unique. So is every divorce. Each state has its own laws and guidelines regarding all the issues that couples must resolve when they decide to end their marriage. Washington is one of only nine states that operates under community property laws, which can greatly affect a particular outcome in court.

Can you prevent relocation from hurting your relationships?

When you decide to get divorced from your spouse in Washington, that decision often results in a lot of serious thought about how to continue with your life. You may be faced with choices regarding how to raise your children, where to live and whether or not you should find new employment. While moving away from your current home and creating roots elsewhere can be refreshing and bring new opportunities, it can also be unsettling especially if it requires you to leave your children behind with your soon-to-be-ex. 

Sharing custody successfully is possible

Washington residents who are co-parenting might worry about the way the parents' relationship can affect the children, particularly if the split between the parents was not amicable. However, parents can co-parent their children in a positive environment even when they might not like each other very much.

How do divorcing couples divide valuable artwork?

Divorce is a stressful time for all Washington residents, whether you are barely scraping by or whether you are in a financially comfortable position. However, when you are a high-asset couple, you may have certain considerations that do not apply to all couples going through a permanent breakup, such as a significant amount of luxury assets. In this situation, how do you and your former spouse decide who gets to keep the artwork?