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July 2019 Archives

Child support and the military

Military service members and veterans in Washington and the rest of the United States are required to pay child support for their custodial and non-custodial children. The federal regulations pertaining to child support enhance state-level laws by ensuring that military members comply with payment.

How can you have mental peace during divorce?

When you are in the beginning stages of divorcing your spouse in Washington, it can be disheartening, to say the least. For the foreseeable future, you may find yourself unable to focus on much else other than the differences you are experiencing in your personal life and relationships. Having moments of mental clarity and peace is still achievable, but may require a bit more work than before. 

Protecting children when a marriage is over

When parents in Washington divorce, children are often affected in many ways. One recommended way to make changes to a child's life less disruptive and emotional is for parents ending a marriage to be cooperative co-parents who proactively protect their children.

Restrictions to consider for child relocation

When couples in Washington end a relationship and there is a child involved, they may agree to continue to live in the same city or state. This helps to ensure that both parents get to spend time with their children. The problem arises when the parent with primary custody decides to move and take the child with them. If there was already tension related to custody of the child, this may only worsen the situation.

Examining ways that you can make child custody work

Explaining your divorce to your children is often a discussion that you will want to carefully think about before you are asked some of the most difficult questions you have ever been asked. As your children begin to make sense of what is happening in their own minds, you will need to start thinking about their future and their relationships with you and your ex. At Clement Law Center, we have experience in helping families in Washington as they face the process of divorce. 

How prenups can help couples talk about money

Couples in Washington who are getting married might want to consider a prenuptial agreement. A prenup offers couples the opportunity to define what assets they are bringing into the marriage that they want to keep separate as well as how they will divide property in case of divorce. The prenup can also address whether one person will pay support to the other.

Custody based on the best interest of your child

Settling custody issues can be the hardest part of a Washington divorce. Altering where your children live and when uproots their schedule. It also changes your overall family life significantly. If there is animosity about the split, it can make negotiation or mediation unrealistic. At Clement Law Center, our team often assists clients with legal support to resolve custody issues.

Timing of divorce is important, should be planned for

The number of divorces rises during the summer months, according to a study conducted by sociologists from the University of Washington. The study examined data from divorce filings made in Washington from 2001 to 2015 and was presented to the American Sociological Association in 2016. According to some divorce attorneys, another spike occurs around the beginning of each new year, in January. The important thing for couples is to plan ahead of time for divorce.

How to protect retirement savings in a divorce

Divorce can present a major financial challenge for families in Washington at all income levels. In particular, how retirement accounts are distributed can make a big difference in the future stability of each party. The primary income earned may want to preserve as much as their earning as possible while a stay-at-home parent may be concerned that their lack of participation in the workforce has ruined their chances at a comfortable retirement.